about su-shee's soaps

I've made over 250 soaps at home in my kitchen. Here are some of my recipes - not every idea results in a soap you actually like to take a shower with. ;)

I prefer mostly organic soaps without artificial dyes or fragrances. Most of my soaps are made of unrefined organic fats and oils I try to buy either from local production or at least fair trade if possible.

From time to time I use essential oils, but usally I leave my soaps unscented.

To bring color to my soaps - which otherwise would show just two or three shades of cream and green - I use natural dyes like french and australian clays, all kinds of muds and dyes derived from herbs and plants.

Additives may include aloe, all kinds of dairy products, herbal infusions, silk, honey, bananas and different kinds of salts.

supply & shops

EU/FR: France's Aroma Zone is an outstanding supplier for all kinds of ingredients for homemade skincare. Exceptional quality.

EU/DE: Baccararose sells a broad variety of (organic) essential oils and (organic) fats. My everyday shop for everything I need.

EU/DE: Gi's shop is a great source for all kinds of soap making products - especially ucuuba butter, mare, goat and sheep milk powders.

EU/GB: Akua Wood's "sheabutter cottage" sells especially interesting butters like mowrah butter or the wonderful smelling cupuacu butter.

EU/GB: Gracefruit is one of the choices when it comes to fragrances.

US: Garden of Wisdom is a great shop for all kinds of exotic salts and several cosmetic ingredients no available in Europe.

tutorials & lye calculators

The ultimate german soapmaking site is Claudia's Naturseife site - A must-read for everyone new to soapmaking. Lye calculator ("der Seifenrechner") available; the forum is public and open to everyone - either hobbyist or professional.

In the english-spoken realm I'd recommend soap calc as a rather flexibel and useful lye calculator. Broad range of fats and oils included.